Sketching Landscapes


> Illustrating a short story by Ned Beauman
ARC-Magazine asked me to create a title image for Ned Beauman´s story Specious Present. It has been published in their issue Chromewash earlier this year. It´s always some kind of illustrative adventure to work for these science-fiction folks – so much fun, of course!


Skizzomat + Scrapped Magazine = Future Dinosaur.
Future Dinosaur is Scrapped's second issue, a limited edition art journal published annually.
I totally forgot to mention, that I am proud to be part of this excellent piece of artbook project – published last summer in NY!
150 pages, edition of 250.

"Future Dinosaur is Scrapped's second issue, a limited edition art journal published annually. This issue comes with a wrapper made of heavy cardstock which holds the book and bonus items (see below) securely together; it is shipped flat to avoid damaging it in transit and gives you the fun of assembling it at home!"

 Get your copy here www.thisisscrapped.com


Series of artwork for Tsching album cover VagabundenSuite.
I created several weird mechanical music-automats in black&white by using found footage from ancient books.

VagabundenSuite by Berlin-based trio Tsching coming this august!
Artwork by Skizzomat.


...just found this old sketch from way back in 2006. Still loving it!
The Circus Girl.


Woohoo, been working on some new prints!


When From Dusk till Dawn meets Hobbithausen.


Opening page, Enorm magazine (GER)
Four-page spread about clever urban farming concepts, future technologies dealing with sustainability – and inviting nature back into our city spaces in general.


Illustrating cover story for Enorm Magazin (GER).
Just a little tiny preview of a wild & fancy series I recently did for economy magazine ENORM. My full-page collages will be published in issue 2/2104. Take a close look and enjoy!


Last Christmas I gave you my card...



Oh the glitz!
Designs for an obviously very oriental wedding portrait. Along with traditional eastern pattern
and ornamental artwork references. Fun is golden!


A headless ghost.


Brand new collage work.
Selected pieces of these unexpected originals available soon!

The future is bright.
A fantastic 2013 waves good-bye. Time to wish you a very happy xmas and a fabulous new year´s!

Happy 4th!


Heading for Xmas.


Looks like little fish love some (time-)traveling


Have been working on some collage portraits recently...


Magazine pages CHANGE, Bertelsmann-Stiftung, 2013

Skizzomat for Bertelsmann-Stiftung.
For their magazine change I did some playful illustrative interpretation of how EU-countries handle their senior citizens, how health care is organized at regional levels and the outlook on retirement supplies. Not one of the most delicious topics... I integrated a lot of statistic references and  pictograms to add a touch of (fake) science. Enjoy!

Corporate illustrations for ergo Kommunikation (GER)
Skizzomat created a colorful series of 10 corporate artworks addressing different topics of social media communication. These illustrations have been printed and published earlier this year, as major visual part of the agency´s 2 strategic self-promotion magazines. www.ergo-komm.de